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5 Pre-recorded videos specially designed for mums by a post-natal exercise specialist. Suitable for mums from 6 weeks post birth (or 12 weeks following C-section), after clearance from GP has been given. Suitable for mums with older children who have not taken a post-natal specific exercise course since their most recent birth. Video 1 - 50 minutes - first half talks through what you need to know about your post-natal body. Find out what diastasis recti is and how to know if you’ve got it. The second half of the video is a practical re-introduction to exercise with a gentle post-natal specific Pilates class. Video 2 - 17 minutes - glutes and upper back focus. These are key muscle groups for improving posture post pregnancy. Video 3 - 23 minutes - core strength. The core muscles can take a bit of a hit in pregnancy. This workout will help to SAFELY get them stronger again. Video 4 - 22 minutes - pelvic floor focus. Although core and pelvic floor strength is included in all videos, this one take more time to focus on the pelvic floor. Video 5 - 20 minutes - standing workout. A great all round Pilates workout where you don’t even have to get onto the floor. What will happen once I purchase the course? You’ll be emailed a health questionnaire to fill out and return. Once I’ve received that, I’ll email you links to all of the videos. You’ll have LIFETIME access to these videos.

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