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Four years ago the shorts in the picture were a bit tight.

Then I woke up to my situation and decided I wanted to be able to ride my bike and get into shape. I downloaded “my fitness pal” and in six months got down to 17.5 stone  from 21 stone; I then found that I could start to ride my bike a few miles.

That's when I did the best thing I could have done - I signed up for 10 x 1 hour personal training sessions with Hannah (who at that time worked at a local health club) and it was nothing short of amazing.

My fitness improved very fast and I completed a 60 mile bike ride. After the ten weeks, Hannah had got me back to where I was 17 years before. Since then, I have continued to train with HW Fitness and have done Hastings Half Marathon, a Tough Mudder and four 100 mile bike rides.

If you need to get back into shape, give yourself the best chance and put Hannah in charge of your fitness.

We have great fun as well!

Dave Daubney

I started training with Hannah in November 2015. I started with Group Personal Training in an attempt to lose weight and gain fitness, having had little to no success on my own. Hannah’s sessions are motivating and she supports you through each stage of the training. They are tailored to your needs and Hannah will happily adapt exercises to suit you, enabling you to participate through each stage of the session.


I started to feel and see a difference in a short space of time and have now lost just under 2 stone and gone from size 16 to size 12 jeans. I have gained fitness, which enabled me to do a triathlon. I cannot rate Hannah’s classes highly enough. Hannah’s knowledge and understanding of nutrition is an added bonus if you attend group PT.

Abby Kirsopp

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